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Wright & Associates PLLC specializes in handling mission-critical energy and environmental matters. Some of the biggest energy companies in North America rely on our expertise to navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Our proactive assistance with safety and compliance practices can help you ensure that your business, your employees, and your customers are protected. And if something does go wrong, you can count on us to guide your rapid and well-informed response.
Unlike a typical law firm, Wright & Associates is agile enough to go wherever your business takes us. Behind the scenes, we consult on policy and strategy. In the field, we conduct audits to ensure compliance and avoid expensive surprises. We have extensive experience dealing with U.S. and Canadian regulators, and our firm is led by a seasoned litigator. In short, we can assist and supplement internal counsel at every stage of the legal process.
If you have immediate or ongoing energy law needs, we invite you to call us for a consultation.


As a partner at two traditional law firms, Managing Partner Charlene Wright developed a trusted relationship with many of the biggest names in the energy industry. She founded Wright & Associates to provide these clients more responsive, individually tailored counsel. At larger firms, conflicts of interest often prevent taking up new work, corporate politics can interfere with representing clients, and dozens of partners compete for the same resources. In contrast, clients of Wright & Associates can be assured that their needs are the highest priority. Our firm is specifically designed to handle sensitive, high-stakes matters for a select group of clients with highly specialized requirements. We can work with your internal counsel or as an independent advisor; either way, we'll be on-site rapidly when you need us.


Charlene Wright

Charlene started her legal career as a prosecuting attorney in Jackson County, Missouri. In just a few years as a member of the drug unit, she obtained convictions in jury trials for several major crimes and reached plea bargains in dozens more. She developed a reputation as a fierce litigator and tireless strategist with an encyclopedic memory for relevant caselaw. Later, as the department's arson prosecutor, she laid the foundation for her work investigating the root causes of catastrophic failures and built an uncommonly deep understanding of the technical underpinnings of oil and gas.

In private practice, Charlene worked as a partner at two large firms in Kansas City (Lathrop & Gage; Shook, Hardy & Bacon) and quickly became a go-to consultant for legal departments across the industry, guiding them through incident responses and untangling their complex regulatory requirements. She has spoken to numerous industry gatherings and published on energy law, and she teaches Continuing Legal Education classes to other attorneys. In 2015, Charlene founded Wright & Associates in Houston, the geographic heart of the energy industry, to provide more efficient service to her growing client list.


Alex Monetti

Alexander Monetti advises clients on federal and state environmental regulations, federal pipeline safety regulations and federal occupational health and safety laws. Mr. Monetti conducts privileged environmental audits at pipeline facilities and assists with permitting applications and failure investigations. He assists clients with preparation for federal and state pipeline safety regulator audits.

In addition, Mr. Monetti handles contractual issues that arise in the course of doing business in the energy field. He has handled drafting, modifying and enforcing of a variety of contractual agreements ranging from standard master service agreements to storage terminal lease agreements.

Mr. Monetti earned the following degrees:
Juris Doctor (JD) from Loyola University, in Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communications from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN


Madeline Albark takes her job very seriously and helps keep morale high around the office.